Vedrana Mujkić

Vedrana Mujkic was born in Sarajevo. She studied at the piano solo department of Secondary Music School with Prof.Ranka Cecic, followed by the undergraduate study at Music Academy in Sarajevo with Prof.Neda Stankovic, and Master study at Music Academy in Sarajevo with Prof.Boris Kraljevic.

Throughout her career, Prof.Mujkic was a soloist at a large number of piano recitals and performed numerous times as a member of Chamber ensembles. She held concerts in major concert halls in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Egypt.

During her education at the Secondary Music School and Music Academy in Sarajevo, she won a large number of first awards. She actively attended master’s courses with Prof.Rudolf Kehrer, Joseph Kalichtein, Bella Davidovich, David Wilde and many others.

In 1995, during her study at the Music Academy, she begins her appointment as a piano teacher in the Primary Music School „Mladen Pozajic“. Since 2008, Prof.Mujkic has held a permanent position as a piano professor at the Secondary Music School in Sarajevo. Between 2007 and 2012, she has also worked as an arts associate at the Music Academy in Sarajevo.

Her students have won many first and special awards in national and international piano competitions. Prof.Mujkic has often served as a jury member in piano competitions.

Some of the projects that she worked on include: „Donna in guerra“ in Como, Italy; performance at Cairo’s prestigious opera; „European Literature Meetups“ organized by the French Center for Culture „Andre Malreaux“; 250th Anniversary of Bach’s Death „Ommage to J.S.Bach“ in Dom Armije Concert Hall; 45 years of work by a composer Nada Ludvig-Pecar, with the composer herself present at the event; „Music in Society“ Symposium – the Antology of piano music in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which also published an accompanying CD recording.

Prof.Mujkic recorded music for radio, television and film, and her performance was recorded on the published CD „Zvucni spektri“ by Josip Magdic.